• Image of Sand Coin
  • Image of Sand Coin

There is no longer a per person limit on coin purchases.

This product is the Silver coin.

A very limited number of remaining gold coins will be available on tour and/or at a later date as the majority are included in the next PMD subscription.

Personally one of the most influential songs in Phish’s repertoire, Sand is often a weaving journey through layers of Jam and Funk. But it is also ripe with meaning for interpretation. This coin was inspired by a line of it’s lyrics and represents several meanings. It represents not only the choices we have in life by it’s two sides, but the fact that you have to actually make one of those choice or make an effort… by flipping the coin. Each flip represents a step in life which circles back around to the choice you have (or have not) to make. Although the coin may apparently represent just a religious choice, on one side represents religion; Star of David (Judaism), Star and Crescent (Islam), Yin Yang (Taoism), Aum (Hindu), Dharmacakra (buddhist wheel), Cross (Christian). The other side represents the worship of spirits or not, something completely different and often confused. The spirit side contains the spirits of Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, Satan, the Almighty dollar and an empty spot representing the atheist or one who chooses to not worship an organized religions deity. Hopefully you will enjoy this coin it’s design and wonderful textures as much as I did designing it for you! It has been a long time in the making! This 3D gem was forged from a hand carved mold taking nearly 100 hours to carve. Although hard to capture in the photo, it has many layers of depth and they came out beautiful!!!

LE100 Silver
LE50 Gold